Reading on the Radio

I find several things especially life affirming. These include the butterfly rush from a somersault, when a curtain rises on a stage production, and when a story goes to press. Also when I get to the grocery store and find avocados or good chocolate on sale. Now I can add one more. Recording for radio!

Recently I’ve been writing. A lot. Not here, as you can see, but I’ve averaged about an essay per week since February. Many thanks to the Grub Street community and a few patient readers in the form of family and friends who have kept me on track.

One of these things I wrote, I pitched. Then I re-wrote it about eight more times. Finally I had the great pleasure of recording it along with an interview for radio. It will air in the fall.

Some highlights of this experience:

  • Calling the radio station for information on its whereabouts and recognizing the voice on the other end, not because I knew it personally, but because I’d heard it in the car.
  • Entering a cavernous maze to get to the recording studio, which happened to be traversed by my uncle way back when he was a broadcasting major.
  • Having some super quality chats on mixed identities with the super thoughtful producer.
  • Getting over nerves. I love interviewing other people and helping people prepare for their own interviews, but I’m seldom in the other chair as the interviewee. Little by little the nerves melted away and the words flowed free.
  • Backstage tour of what goes into radio production.
  • I have a standing invitation to return.

I’m a writer by nature but I love the power of the human voice and am so glad I’ve had opportunities to make in this medium.



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