Kyungso Park and Andy Sheppard at the Royal Albert Hall, London


I’ve been away from home for quite some time. This statement then begs the question, where, exactly, is home? For now, I content myself with the idea that my home is wherever I happen to be at a given moment, in this case, London. It’s rather difficult to conduct oral histories based in the Mountain West here or the other nine countries I’ve since visited, so I’ve been occupying my time in myriad other ways, including other sorts of research and writing.

When I was in Japan this summer, we opted for a lifestyle that separated us from our devices as much as possible. It was a beautiful, distraction-free existence that fully immersed us in the moment. The first time I opened Twitter upon my return, I saw a post calling for writers. Twitter is usually my nerdy tech and art channel and Instagram is for my identity musings so I took  it as a fortuitous sign that the message calling for writers  on East Asian topics had somehow infiltrated my feed. And it just so happens to be based in London.

I met with the founders last week and, for lack of a better term, what they had to say resonated with me. (Oh — the publication is called “Resonate.”) I immediately liked them, two British born Chinese fellows who ponder the journalism industry and cultural issues as much as me!

I’m reconnecting with my Arts & Entertainment reporting roots and attended my first concert last night featuring musicians Kyungso Park and Andy Sheppard at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Here’s a snippet: “It’s not the most intuitive pairing, but Park on gayageum and Shepphard on sax make for a deliciously smooth combination. It’s like coffee and ice cream or sea salt and caramel, a perfectly equal balance of two strong flavors.”

I must have been hungry, and definitely had fun, when I wrote this. For more outrageously illustrative analogies, read the full review here.


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